De Beer Group wins MVO Award 2023

At De Beer Group, we are known not only for our high-quality products and outstanding service, but also for our deep commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR). We are therefore pleased to proudly share that we recently won the MVO Award at the Business Event Veenendaal 2023.

An honourable recognition

We are honoured and proud to receive the MVO Award. It is not only a recognition of our efforts to create a better world, but also an encouragement to continue our commitment to a more sustainable and inclusive society. This award belongs not only to us, but to everyone who is part of the De Beer Group family, including our valued customers, partners and employees. Together we are building a bright future where social responsibility and sustainability go hand in hand.

We would also like to encourage other entrepreneurs in Veenendaal and beyond to join us on this journey of positive change. Let’s work together to create a world where inclusivity and sustainability are the norm, not the exception.

Opportunities for all
One of the pillars of our CSR policy is inclusion. We strongly believe in providing opportunities for people who need extra support to participate fully in the work process. We work with no less than 17 social workshops and day care centres in the region. Our own workshop in Veenendaal acts as a bridge to regular employment, and for years we have been committed to providing jobs for refugees, initially many from Syria and now from Ukraine.


Sustainability and CO2 savings
Sustainability is at the heart of our operations. Two of our three injection moulding plants are completely carbon neutral and emission free, while the third is well on its way.
Our office in Veenendaal has undergone a remarkable transformation, moving from an energy label F to an impressive A+++++. In addition, we generate 1100 MWh of our own green electricity with no fewer than 3280 solar panels, and the rest of our energy needs are purchased sustainably.

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