De Beer Group participates in the Beregoeie Run

At De Beer Group, we go beyond conducting business; we are committed to the welfare of those around us, including the beautiful bears in nature. Therefore, we are excited to announce our participation in the Beregoeie Run event. This event not only provides athletic fun, but also contributes to global efforts to support bears.

On Sunday, September 10, 2023, Bears in Mind will organize for the second time the Beregoeie Run, a family event in cooperation with Ouwehands Dierenpark. The Beregoeie Run is a Wildlife Run that takes you over the beautiful Grebbeberg and through the green surroundings of Rhenen. But what makes this event really special is our commitment to the well-being of bears.

Bears in Mind is a foundation that has been active for decades in supporting the welfare of bears around the world. And we as De Beer Group are proud to be part of this effort.

Our own bear: Malysh
Since May 2022, we have adopted a bear of our own in the Bear Forest of Ouwehands Zoo through the Bears in Mind Foundation. Malysh has a special place in our hearts and symbolizes our commitment to animal welfare. Would you like to sponsor this initiative? Then you can do so via this link.

Malysh, the bear that De Beer Group adopted.

Our bear Malysh

Malysh, the bear that De Beer Group adopted.Malysh, the bear that De Beer Group adopted.Malysh, the bear that De Beer Group adopted.