R&D support

Good design means a good end product. But what does it take to make your design work? We can help you from the very first stage of the development process.

Around 80% of the cost of a product is determined in the first phase of development, when fundamental decisions are made for the rest of the project. It therefore makes sense to consult and involve potential suppliers as early as possible.

De Beer Allinplast can use its experience, e.g. in certain material groups, to help choose the right direction for further development.

Ask us for an informal discussion or brainstorming session with one of our technical experts, e.g. on product (properties), injection mouldability, materials, mould design, production processes and logistics. This will give you a good idea of the cost price of your product. You will also optimise the manufacturability, assembly time, durability and functionality of your product.

Development of prototypes

Sometimes it is necessary, or simply more convenient, to have prototypes available during the development process. Virtual 3D CAD models are often sufficient, but we can also provide you with physical (rapid) prototypes. Within the De Beer Group we have several options for this:

  •     3D printing (FDM and Polyjet)
  •     Test moulds (made of steel, aluminum or 3D-printed)
  •     Vacuum casting of small series

Depending on what you want to test (e.g. dimensions, functionality or material properties), we can advise you on the right steps to take.

Expertise in materials

Together with its sister companies in the group, De Beer Allinplast has an extensive knowledge of materials. We consider ourselves true experts in a number of material groups: transparent plastics at Allinplast, soft plastics at Breidenbach and high-tech engineering plastics at Beoplast. Thanks to extensive R&D cooperation, you as a customer benefit from this bundled knowledge.

Not sure which material you need? Or are you looking for a material with a combination of properties you are not (yet) familiar with? Then a no-obligation consultation with one of our experts can be a good first step.




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