Allinplast specializes in products made from transparent plastics. With high-quality, polished moulds from our own mould department, we produce optics for the lighting industry, as well as others.

Lenses for LED lighting

Energy efficient, excellent light output and long life: LEDs are the ideal light source. Thanks to its great product advantages, LED lighting is very versatile. Allinplast produces lenses for various types of LED lighting. These lenses, also known as optics, largely determine the quality and beam effect of the light. This makes these parts the most important components of a good LED lamp.

We have extensive experience in this precision work, both in PMMA and PC. The high precision and in-house developed moulds ensure optimum efficiency of the end product.


We process several hundred tonnes of PC and PMMA for optics every year. We know the capabilities of these materials like no other. But we always choose the material that has the best overall properties for your product. We use a range of speciality grades, for example to meet extreme temperature resistance requirements, or because standard grades are not suitable for the type of radiation emitted by your LED application.

When weighing up these options, we always take cost into account, which is why Allinplast can offer unrivalled value for money.

Mould development for optics

De Beer Allinplast has already produced countless moulds for optics in its own mould shop, sometimes as master moulds with inserts for several dozen variants, sometimes as individual moulds. But each lens is given the attention and approach it deserves.

Through years of experience, Allinplast has developed mould concepts that can be produced quickly and cost-effectively. This enables us to offer high quality end products at an attractive price and with short lead times.

Using 3D scanning, we can guarantee that the first lens matches the last lens exactly, with minimal tolerances of a few hundredths of a millimetre for multi-lens optics.



  • Outdoor lighting
  • Indoor lighting
  • Agricultural lighting
  • Mechanical Engineering

Production capacities

  • Electrical precision injection moulding machines
  • Specific, separate machines for PC and PMMA
  • In-house mould making and polishing
  • Thick-walled products

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