About Allinplast

Within the De Beer Group, Allinplast is our specialist in the processing of transparent plastics.

The production of transparent plastic products requires a high level of quality in machines, moulds and employees. Using state-of-the-art polished moulds from our own mould shop, we produce optics for the lighting industry, among others.

Allinplast primarily processes PC and PMMA, but other transparent plastics such as SAN, PET and their variants are also used. Other non-transparent visible parts with high requirements for surface quality also fit well into the De Beer Allinplast portfolio.

The factory for transparent plastic products

Within De Beer Group, Allinplast is our specialist for processing transparent plastics.

Producing products from transparent plastics demands a high level of quality from machines, moulds and employees. With high-quality polished moulds from our own mould-making department we produce, among other things, optics for the lighting industry.

Allinplast processes a lot of PC and PMMA, but other transparent plastics such as SAN, PET and variants thereof are also used.

Other non-transparent visible parts with high demands on surface quality also fit well within De Beer Allinplast’s portfolio.


1953 - Foundation of T.I.B.

In 1953, T.I.B. (Technisch Ingenieurs Bureau) was established in Rotterdam. Under this name, the first dies and moulds were designed and built. At its peak the company employed 8 people, 2 in the engineering department and 6 toolmakers.

1968 - Foundation of Allinplast BV

More and more moulds were designed and produced under the T.I.B. banner. This led to an increasing demand for trial injection moulding, the first time the mould is injected on the injection moulding machine. To meet this demand, a first injection moulding machine was bought. However, there was a demand to start production as soon as the products were approved. So in 1968 Allinplast BV (Everything in Plastic) was founded alongside T.I.B..

1972 - T.I.B. becomes Produger

In 1972 the company was renamed Produger BV, which is a fusion of the words Production & Tools (“Gereedschappen”).

1996 - All in one

Until 1996, Allinplast and Produger worked closely together, but were two separate companies, each with its own premises. While Allinplast was based in Heinenoord, Produger was still located in Oud-Beijerland. In December 1996, the two companies were merged into the current premises on the Louis Pasteurstraat in Oud-Beijerland. The advantages are obvious: moulds are produced and maintained literally next door, which considerably improves the lead time for injection moulding production, mould development and, above all, communication with the customer. During this time, Allinplast has grown to 15 employees and 16 injection moulding machines.

2011 - New management

In 2011 the company was taken over by an external party. ERP integration took place, ISO 9001 and 14001 certification was obtained, and the raw material and finished goods warehouse was converted into an additional production unit and an expanded mould warehouse. Much time has also been invested in automation and sustainability. This includes a vacuum system for conveying plastic, further robotization of the injection moulding machines and the full use of green electricity. The need for storage space was met by renting an additional warehouse across the road from the current site. Over the next five years, the company grew to 23 injection moulding machines and 18 employees.

2017 - Expansion

Directly behind the Louis-Pasteur building, on Alexander-Bell Street, a plot of land became available for use as a shipping and storage area. A connecting gate linked the two buildings. The free space in Louis-Pasteurstraat provided new room for the growth of the machine park. The detached hall, which had previously been used as a warehouse, was used as an additional production hall.

2022 - Becoming a member of the De Beer Group

As Allinplast is gradually reaching its capacity limits and expansion at the Oud-Beijerland site is not easy, cooperation partners are being sought to continue to support customers in their growth. This led to the takeover of Allinplast by the De Beer Group, a company based in Veenendaal with two injection moulding plants in Germany.