R&D Support

AllinPlast wants to support your product design process. We will cooperate with you on the optimisation of the manufacturability, assembly time, sustainability and functionality of your product.

Mould construction

Our in-house tool shop will translate your product (requirements) into a top mould. AllinPlast is your one-stop shop for construction, manufacturing and maintenance.

Injection moulding plant

With its fully automated machine plant, and a broad range of plastics in stock, AllinPlast is your ideal production partner. We are able to produce products 24-7, at low labour costs.

Extensive expertise

A good design ensures a good final product. What is required to realise the production of your design? We would like to offer our support to your R&D process. 

Use our expertise in the area of product (characteristics), injection moulding, materials, mould construction layouts, production methods and logistics. This gives you a good overview of the production costs for your product. This also allows you to optimise the manufacturability, assembly time, sustainability and functionality of your product. 

3D-CAD models and (Rapid) prototypes allow us to demonstrate your final product in advance. Good to know: AllinPlast provides exclusively to third parties. We do not make any own products, and can fully focus on you and your product.

Speed & efficiency

Are you looking for an experienced mould construction supplier? Our tool makers can process your specifications and needs into a top mould. AllinPlast has its own tool shop, complete with CNC milling machines, CNC die sinking EDMs, lathes, bench grinders and drills. We provide a complete package of in-house construction, production and maintenance. This allows a speedy and efficient production of your moulds. 

Do you want to adjust or optimise your mould? AllinPlast is capable to process quick changes. We can also take care of any maintenance or repair requests, providing speedy and reliable services. 

You are the owner of the mould. We will store this in our fire-resistant warehouse, ready for the next production cycle.

Plenty of options

Would you like to produce 24-7, with low labour costs? Use AllinPlast for a reliable, efficient production process. We have a production plant equipped with 23 machines, ranging in clamping force from 15 to 320 tons. The machine plant is fully automated, with conveyor belts and robots. 

We can process all thermoplastics, except rubbers and PVC. AllinPlast has a broad range of plastics and colours in stock, allowing for extensive test mouldings. During the production process, we will check your products several times a day, using a fixed procedure or a control method that was discussed with you beforehand. The testing will be done using a combination of scales, measuring calibres and even 3D-Scans if necessary. 

Just so you know: AllinPlast is ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified.