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1953 – 1972 T.I.B.

In 1953 T.I.B. (Technisch IngenieursBureau) was founded in Rotterdam. Under this banner, the first punches and molds were designed and built. In its heyday the company grew up to 8 people; 2 constructors and 6 toolmakers. In 1972 the company was renamed Produger BV, which is a combination of the words Productie & Gereedschap (Production & Tools).

1973 – 1996 Injection Molding

Under the banner T.I.B. an increasing amount of molds are being constructed and produced. This created more demand for test productions; the first purge of the mold on the injection moulding machine. In order to meet this demand, an injection moulding machine was acquired. Soon the question arose to run the first production batches after approval of the product. In 1968, therefore AllinPlast was established; the name being an amalgamation of Alles in Plastic (everything in plastic), in addition to (in the meantime) Produger. In 1983 AllinPlast had grown to six injection moulding machines, which increased to 12 machines in 1996, with Produger as an exclusive supplier of all injection molds.

1996 – 2010 All in one

Until 1996 AllinPlast and Produger operated closely together, but they were two separate companies, each with their own establishment. AllinPlast was located in Heinenoord, while Produger was still in the building in Oud-Beijerland. In December 1996, however, both companies were merged into the current building, located at the Louis Pasteurstraat in Oud-Beijerland. The advantages of this were evident, the molds were literally produced and maintained a door further, which reduces time for plastic-production, the development of the molds and, above all, improves the communication with the customer. During this period AllinPlast grew to 15 employees and 16 injection moulding machines.

2011 – 2016 New direction

In 2011 the company was taken over by an external party. An ERP-system was integrated, certification to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 were achieved and the stock location for plastics and products were converted into additional production facilities and more extensive mold warehouse. Moreover, much time was spent on expanding the automation and sustainability. Examples of this are vacuum system to automatically fill the machines with plastic, enhanced robot control of the injection moulding machines and full use of green energy. The need for storage space was remedied by hiring an additional hall, across the street from the current building. During those five years the company has grown to 23 injection moulding machines and 18 employees.

2017 Expansion

In 2017 AllinPlast has expanded. Right behind the building at the Louis Pasteurstraat, at the Alexander Bellstraat,s a vacant property has been aquired to use as storage, shipping and pickup address. By means of an air lock both properties are connected with each other. The vacant space at the Louis Pasteurstraat is now used as material storage. The preveous storage-facility will be reworked as an extra production facility. Another major advantage of this approach is the space it provides for any additional extension, if there is demand in the future. With these changes, AllinPlast is going into this new period with confidence.