AllinPlast produces both fittings and lenses for LED lighting. We've amassed many years of experience in the development and production of these specialised products.

Visibility products

AllinPlast delivers high quality plastic visibility products. We manufacture, package and protect your parts, ensuring your customers receive a perfect product.

Greenhouse horticulture

Dutch greenhouses are renowned all over the world. AllinPlast is a proud supplier of specialist products for the Dutch greenhouse horticulture industry.


AllinPlast is ISO-14001 certified and has extensive experience in working with bioplastics. Our energy use is completely based on 'green energy'.

Profile endcaps

AllinPlast is an expert in the injection moulding of end pieces for aluminium and stainless steel extrusion profiles. We provide both the development and the production of plastic brackets and end caps.

Lenses & fixtures

Energy efficient, excellent lighting qualities and a long lifespan: LED is the ideal lighting source. The many product benefits of LED lighting have led to many applications. AllinPlast develops and produces both fittings and lenses for different types of LED lighting. 

Over the years, we've gained extensive experience in this field, relying on precision work. Our lenses will direct the light to the right area; the optimum light quality is reached as a result of the extreme accuracy of our work.

Optimal protection

Visibility products should always look appealing and flawless. This requires a high quality finishing level, and the right treatment. AllinPlast does not just manufacture your visibility products, but will also ensure the right packaging and protection. 

Before we start the production process, we will consult with you, and will devise a plan to ensure the quality of your products. We can determine whether items should be packaged individually, whether we should apply a protective film, or if extensive quality measurements should be performed.

Durability & toughness

The Dutch greenhouses are known for their reliability, sustainability and stability. Products in this market require a high level of resistance, strength and rigidity. 

Our expertise in the field of technical plastics have made us a long-term supplier in the Dutch greenhouse horticulture. We manufacture items such as wrapped bushes, wire guides, springs and assembly clips. We also supply a broad range of parts for innovative assembly systems. The application of sustainable plastics, such as POM, enables us to guarantee extended durability and high reliability.


Sustainability is key in AllinPlast’s operations. As an ISO-14001 certified company, we apply the latest standards for environmental management. We also have extensive experience in the use of thinwalled bioplastics. 

The recent rapid developments of this material type have made this a considerable alternative for applications in, for instance, greenhouse horticulture. We use both bio-based and biodegradable bioplastics. For more information about these materials, we would like to refer you to this blog article.      

Brackets & endcaps

Plastics are very suitable materials for closing or finishing extrusion profiles in the greenhouse, lighting and furniture industries. Injection moulding offers a high degree of formability. It also offers an almost limitless range of colours and types of plastics. 

We would like to support your development of plastic brackets and end caps, and to produce these for you.